: play chess variants

PGN is now showed when game ends, in the result box.

...But the text is not selectable: I'll fix that soon while I also fix some styles (for example the board should be full width on smartphones).

Hm Pgn is nice, now just have to copypaste it :))

and maybe find some humans to play ^^

I found one by chance the previous night ^^ we played two Zen games, it was quite interesting. But yes we need more players :)

About selectable PGN I'm on it!

I couldn't find out why text is not selectable in some areas and selectable elsewhere. So I implemented a workaround: if you click on the PGN, it downloads as a .pgn text file.

I also added "expert mode switch" which turn on/off the hint squares, red king when under check, and last move. All this can be a nuisance to an experimented player.

The website has all I wanted so far. I'll start implementing other variants. Feel free to comment, contribute to the code, and so on :-]

I have a question regarding checkerd chess.
Why doesn't the king get checkerd (probably lost?) when he takes an figure? For me that is as if a king wouldn't explode upen taking a piece in atomic.

Aside from that I would like to thank you for the side. The atomic option seems to be very interesting

Interesting question. If we forbid the king to take it becomes a very vulnerable piece, not as weak as in Atomic but almost. Not sure if it's good or bad... tests required :)

Anyway, this variant has already been played a lot since late 2011 (mostly IRL), without complaints about this as far as I know. Finally about the "why", I guess the variant author thought it would be more fun that way ^^

Yes. Pawns on 1st or 2nd rank can move 1 or 2 squares, and capture as usual. What's wrong ? :-] At least the variant is playable that way.

Just commited a change on several files which improves coding style (a bit), checkered bot speed (quite a lot), but may contain bugs...

Anyway thank you for the feedback and comments :) I appreciate a lot.

Coming soon:
- Antiking
- Magnetic
- Alice
- ...