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( English is rusty apologies ).

It seems that bughouse is top candidate for the next added variant to lichess. However, im kind of curious to see what some more obscure or weird variants people are pushing for. Im interested to see what people are into.

Something like that would be interesting, but I doubt it will ever be on lichess

grand chess is definitely up there me too. They have world championship stuff for it i think.

i doubt bughouse will ever be added.

Variant are a waste of time. They are not chess

@TahaHK2006 I disagree with you.

Strip chess is always fun ITF, but online, not as much...

@schachschachschach I have played a lot of variant of which horde is the only one that I enjoy but variant are just mods

@TahaHK2006 it's not about what you enjoy. You called them a waste of time and in my opinion they are not as they all teach you something. So I still disagree with you.

@TahaHK2006 Chess is a waste of time. It doesn't matter if it's classical chess or any variant.