Variants Hourly Tournaments

I understand that they added in other variants other than antichess and atomic for tournaments, but how come they reduced the number/frequency of tournaments of these variants. In particular, antichess received a ridiculous number of participants each hourly, so I don't know why they reduced the number of tournaments for this variant. If anyone could answer my question, that would be great!

It seems to be because they've added all the variants to the hourly list. That's my guess anyway. Before it was only Atomic and Anti that had the hourly (crazyhouse?), now its all the variants. Idk why Crazyhouse has it every hour on the hour though. Anti should be more frequent for sure.

And know all variants in fact it started today 4:08 PM Jan 13 Wednesday

Crazyhouse is the most popular variant, that is why it has hourlies every hour.

Atomic and anti IMO should be at least every other hour (although I might be just slightly biased towards atomic).

But in the end, lichess has the final word, and if all variant hourlies is what they want, that is what we'll get. Besides, they could always revert the change if the new tournaments don't get a lot of attraction.

#1 I was explaining the logic behind this change in this forum topic as well:

#5 I take it King of the Hill is not a variant? ;-)

#7 Crazyhouse used to have a clear lead over other variants in popularity, but these days 960, Anti and Atomic can all compete and occasionally overtake ZH in terms of players / week. In fact, when it comes to games / month, Crazyhouse has already fallen behind in third place:

anti chess is the best variant for sure, there should be a three check hourly I love three check ill check but for sure we should have more anti hourly's