Using Opening Explorer while Correspondence game is ongoing

In correspondence games you are not allowed to use chess engines (that includes opening databases/books that have computer evaluations attached to moves), tablebases and help from other people. Everything else is pretty much allowed. So, yes, you can use the opening explorer.

I'm not sure my question is clear enough.

What I'm trying to say is, if I'm due to play someone next week over the board at the club and I know they usually play Sicilian (for example) can I look at lines against that on Explorer? At the same time I've got (again, for example) Correspondence games ongoing where I am black playing against a London and a Vienna or whatever. Looking at the Sicilian has nothing to do with these games, so I'm guessing that's ok?

If you play a specific opening in a correspondence game, you can look at all the lines of that opening in the opening explore during the game. You can also study that opening in an opening book or in another opening database. It is all allowed.

It is not allowed in a live game, though.

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