Urusov Gambit

Hello Everyone. This is a gambit called the Urusov Gambit. Tell me what you think of the gambit. Also let me know if you are familiar with this gambit/have used it before.

А good gambit. I've used it more than once. And with success.

An interesting Gambit! I play this with black and just had a look at this. I think i would play like this:

Then i would try to play c6, d5, Be6, Be7, Nbd7, Qa5, 0-0-0 Seemingly black can eqalize in the end, but not more. he also has to take care for some tactical blows by white. White has easy moves at his hand. The gambit is sound. So, if you face this, be careful, black players! It is a critical line. You wont get more than an even game.

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