unrated game cheating

@jonathan122333 Yes, also not allowed there.
When you register, you see:
"Computers and computer-assisted players are not allowed to play. Please do not get assistance from chess engines, databases, or from other players while playing. Also note that making multiple accounts is strongly discouraged and excessive multi-accounting will lead to being banned."

how do you deal with the famous fun event "Hand & Brain" on unrated games? Literally it should also be assistance from another player?

@Wuestenigel I imagine that, people who do it probably have to showcase both people with things such as webcams, and the mods or viewers could track movement, time to suggest piece movement, time to make the move after being told and probably have to tell mods who is participating, if the players are well known, they can probably look at the playstyle, does the playstyle line up with what is known
When i registerd, i have seen:
„Computers and computer-assisted players are not allowed to play“. I would like to play sometimes with my chess computers or older engines, for example fritz 10, against the stockfish engine.

Is this allowed or forbidden??
Yes, that is allowed.
You can experiment with engines by matching them against each other.
Generally, everything is allowed when it doesn't involve another player (maybe except rated puzzles).
Thank you for answering so quickli.

Then i can test my older computers and engines against stockfish on different levels. That is exciting for mE!

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