Unpredictable Openings??

Wanted to ask if there are any unpredictable openings, if not any good openings for black and white.

@ WillBeAGM said in #5:
> What are the practical use and what is the win percentage when you played these openings?

You posted the answer in the title; To surprise your opponent. Obviously we both gave some random choices, but these were just jokes.

But if you need practical openings, I recommend the English for good surprise. There is also the King's gambit, Evans gambit, Vienna game. And for Black against e4 just a non standard but sound reply like the Pirc or Alekhine defenses. For d4 and any other stuff, Stonewall Dutch.

Any opening that is not generally or rarely or never played is definitely unpredictable!
And there are 20 possible moves on first try.
So, openings like a4, a3, h4, h3 would be unpredictable with f3 being most unpredictable of all.

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