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  3. Ultrabullet:

Im really hooked on ultrabullet, i love the intense action and each 15 second match feels longer until the last move.

I met some really good bulletplayers here on lichess and wanted to create a thread about strategies and mindset while playing.

1. Wich openings do you play?

2. Do you play pawnstructure tactics rather than full openings and systems?

3. How usefull is insisghts for you, when it comes to openings and castling?

4. Do you premove in pawnclashes or do you decline them and do a totally different move?

4. What do you think about remove to gain time? Ex: Bg2 to GH1 rev etc.

5. Wich DPI do you play with? Im just curious.

6. Other subjects feel free to write.

1-2. I have my favorite openings as white: Queens Pawn Declined, Colle System, Two Knight Attack, Valencia Opening and some more.

As black i play very much French Defence, sometimes Robatsch and Carro-Kann. But mostly I think more in pawnstructures more than openings for black.

But overall when you reach a higher level it feels you dont think about oenings move per move, you just do it and it goes automatically.

3. I have tried to play the openings with most wins based on my insisghts,I dont know if it works, but because i reached my personal record yesterday I guess somethings correct.

4. Sometimes i decline the first premove with pawns and strike with the second, why? Because many players decline the first premove and I want to save those miliseconds.

5 For me from 1000 to 1200 DPI.

6. Tactics and opinions when and if castling is good are welcomed. In later matches I must say I feel its better sometime to NOT castle.

Feel free to write here or send me PM.

/ StiGGe

I've never played ultrabullet and have zero interest in it. Sorry

Then why do you even answer on the thread? o_O???

I felt the freedom to write about other subjects

I haven't played a lot of UB these days because my internet connection is kinda silly, this is my experience.
#1 I play almost anything:
1.d4 getting into some colle systems or catalans
1.g3 getting into English games, King's Indian attack
1.b3, followed by Bb2, e3, d4, Nf3 or by Bb2, f4 Nf3
1.f4, Often followed by b3
Of course I have ideas or systems on all of them, otherwise I'd stick with one or two openings.
With black pieces almost anything as well, it's really fast chess, people are not refuting you with theory.

#2 not quite sure what do you mean by this since you cannot play chess just with your pawns. When you prepare a system you don't just say "Look at this cool pawn structure", you care about where to move your pieces, you prepare typical plans and ideas behind them to have a decent development.

#3 I don't care that much about statistics, I like human comments more than cold computer numbers which tell you about the effects of your problems but not their roots. Often you're blind to your own mistakes and somebody else can help you figure out what you're doing wrong.

#4 Didn't quite get what you're asking.

#5 Doesn't matter that much, I met an IM who used the touchpad of his laptop playing 1 minutes games and he was crushing a lot of people. Maybe he was too cheap to get a mouse.

#6 Generally castle early, of course don't castle if your king won't be safe on side of the board. If the guy starts with 1.h4, 2.g4, 3.h5, or if there are many lines open use some common sense. Don't get suicidal.