Ultimate Funny Chess Moments and Blunders

I think you should do a Kramnik Press conference compilation. It will become a rage in the chess world considering your impressive editing skills.

Seems so @NeverBeenTimid, I guessed he was - like who plays like that and wins without using an engine! Especially against KC. An I'll have a look @kramnikstudent1 I cant tell if you're being serious about my editing skills though :P all I'm doing is throwing some clips together. Thanks though!

Thanks @V2chess! I like the new vid too! It's good to watch a pure kingscrusher one because his reactions are pure gold :D Yeah I take it back @kramnikstudent1, I suppose my skill is the order of the clips and which one's I've chosen rather than the actual programme editing skills. Sorry If I misinterpreted your comment!

@String_dogg I am serious I had fun watching the video you put together and I swear I watched it about 20 mins back again while commuting back from work.
Seriously try a Kramnik Press Conference compilation it will be a rage and will be good for you channel. :) Dont forget to give me some credit :)

a totally new KC for me - completely different from the one I know from C24. Great fun

@Sarg0n, those videos are great. I saw those about a week ago. I must say, that in most of them some clips are not funny and others are in the other videos.