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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Try to beat Stockfish level 1 at bullet time!

Better if 3/4+0 or shorter. Do you agree?

0+1 is also fun
I am not very good at bullet, but I did it! i kno i should be doing it at ultrabullet but hey ive never beaten any of the fishes at bullet before, im too dumb and bad at chess :P

beating it in ultrabullet is so much harder than i expected it to be

played 62 games, got 1 win as white and 1 win as black, the rest losses

why is AI level 1 is strong now
I remember when AI level 1 was much weaker than this
I liked it better that way

I've never played a bullet game in my life; and being extremely new to chess (4 months now) I thought I'd try a 1+2 Blitz instead. After several no starters and horrible blunders from moving too quickly; I got a game that was reasonably OK for me. I have a new respect for the speed of calculations people pull off ..

@qkxwsm : lvl 1 is not strong but blazing fast.
For me in 30sec hyperbullet lvl 1 is more difficult to beat than lvl 8. In 1+0 or above it's the opposite because you have the time to sack all the free pieces.
There are some cool games in this thread:

There you go, nice challenge!

When I took a look at the ultrabullet games played by 'toivok', who is rated about 2600 in this time control and is currently number one on the site, I noticed that he had been practising with the 1350-rated engine. He had a lot of losses and only a few wins to the engine at this strength, which I found surprising until I realised that flagging is simply not possible. You have to find checkmate every game. Having tried to win against the AI myself under these conditions I have newfound respect for people who can play ultrabullet at a very high level.

Yes I played 50 games in ultra against Stockfish AI Level 1 and got 1 win only.