Trophies for Correspondence chess.

I have seen in some of GMs,IMs,FMs, and NMs that there are some trophies given. For example on @penguingim1 profile, there is a trophy of Bullet Champion and there are also other trophies on his profile, So are there any trophies for Correspondence? Because I have never seen any Correspondence trophy on any titled player or any normal player

Hi @ish23456 - I believe that is because there's not much traction with correspondence with titled players.

Also, I suspect it would be due to games taking forever to finish, and people cheat a lot easier. With a non-titled player playing a titled player, I would suspect the temptation for cheating would increase due to bragging rights of beating a titled player. Faster time controls are more honest.

Before computers were so strong, correspondence chess was great and full of rich research of lines and positions. Now, you're playing stockfish at least in the opening on this site (and I assume on and others) where computers are allowed for the opening for some reason.

@ioxod Thanks for your answer and yes Correspondence Chess takes a lot of time to finish but don't you think that there must be trophies for Correspondence?

I personally don't care about trophies :)

@ioxod Yes, Who is the highest correspondence rated player on lichess?

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