Traxler counterattack surprise

Traxler counterattack are the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 (Italian game) Nf6 4.Ng5 Bc5! (Traxler counterattack) 5.Nxf7? (Bxf7+ is not refuted) and here 5.Bxf2! by black 6.Kf1! (is the best reply) and 6.Qe7 is black's only move to save the queen 7.Nxh8 and a move which is very interesting that stockfish suggest 7.d5! 8.exd5 Nd4! and here stockfish recommends 9.c3, but then black can play 9.Bg4 10.Qa4+ (only square the queen can go) 10.Nd7 11.Kxf2 (you have to do this) 11.Qh4+ 12.Ke3 (if g3 then Qf6+, ke1, Qf5! threatning Nc2+ and this will force white to give up the queen and there is no defend against that and black wins) 12.Qg5+ 13.Kf2 13.Qf4+ 14.kg1 and 14.Ne2+ wins the game because 15.Bxe2 can be met with Qxa4 and black wins! (if 14.Ke1 then 14.O-O-O 15.Rf1 Qe4+ 16. kf2 Be2 and it's an easy win) So is traxler counterattack actually correct or did I miss something

This is a suprise becuase many players say its refuted, but i might disagree now

This is the sharpest opening I know.
One different move and things take a different direction, if you play 9.d6 Stockfish loves white.

@soni777new i did not find refutation to Bxf7+ but if d4 then black can play d5! and it's equal game. @ blacksalt if 9.d3 then 9.Bg4 10.Qd2 (only square) and then 10.Bh4 and stockfish gives black a -5 postion (which means black is winning on the spot, here is why) 11.g3 Bh3+ now Kf2 is the only way for white not to lose the queen becuase if Ke1 or Kg1 then Nf3+ wins the queen, so 12.Kf2 must be played, then 12.Ng4+ and you lose the queen as white cuz Nf3+ is happening next.

@soni777new if you want the full line i will show 5.d4 d5! 6.Bxd5 here in the game you sent black made a blunder by capturing on d4, black should've played 6.Nxd5 7.dxc5 Ndb4 8.a3 Qxd1+ 9.kxd1 Na6 10.b4! Nd4 11.Be3 12.b6, and yes thought white has 0.8 advantage but it's not so easy to win, but 5.Bxf7 is correct, but many players play Nxf7,so...

I've only played this in bullet and blitz and against low rated players at that, but I don't remember the 5. Nxf7 with 6. Kf1 line ever giving me any trouble as white. It's only when I tried to be clever with Bxf7+ that I've consistently lost games against it. I think most people expect white to take the bishop sacrifice on f2 and are completely confused after Kf1.

@asdf5656 taking the bishop on f2 would result into Nxe4+ Kg1 and then Qh4 and it's an equal game, hence kf1 is considered correct

it's suprsing that stockfish liks this attack after a few moves