Trash talking in chat

Do you guys ever trash talk in chat? Im usually trying to be nice with everyone here but sometimes I also trash talk. Especially when someone says "you got lucky" or something like that after they lose ... How do you feel about trash talking in chat ?

it's good as long as it isn't mean-spirited.
People who can not handle trash-talk in the slightest should honestly just turn off chat

''On the chessboard, you talk with your moves, not your words-'' somebody probably said this and so I'm giving anonymous person credit (I might be the first though). Trash talking is an excuse for bad play.

If i make a dumb move, of course i need to spam for a takeback and insult my opponent when he doesn't give it to me. Is that not normal? *sarcasm*

whenever my opponent tries to flag me at low time controls and if I win, I will trash talk him by saying, "karma is a bitch" , "flaggers dont win chess" .

generally when people trash talk me online, i don't like it and it's almost always mean spirited. if they're a real jerk, i just resign. have phun with the points, bruh! when i trash talk, i try to keep it non-trashy. it's hard - people can always take things the wrong way. generally in my games, nobody chats though.

If they trash talk in the middle of a game, ask stockfish for help.

Gentlemen don't talk trash. But if we only played gentlemen...