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Hi lichessers,

I just wanted to hear your opinion about this board. I made a video of it.

Thx for your feedback.

If you are intersted to use this style, checkout this site:

It looks nice. I don't know how to install it.

What browser do you use zeeChess? I guess it only works with Firefox and Chrome. You have to install a plugin called "Stylish".


Note that users are assumed to use the purple board theme for this to work.

#1 I love the artwork but I question whether "Ralph Schuler" has legal rights to distribute it.

#7 I'm not questioning CC0; I'm questioning whether such high-quality art is based on copyrighted material.

Ok, I am not sure.

The original image was:

And the new one I modified with GIMP.

I asked Thibault via Email. If there should be a problem, I will delete the userstyle site with this image.

I have the authorization of Thibault. Everything OK! :-)

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