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Hello the lichess community,

I am a player who is trying to improve and was looking for a person who is rated above 1600 in classical time controls (preferably 15+15) who would be willing to play games regularly where both of us could improve on specific openings.
Please do feel free to message me.

I am fitting your description. (Barely 🙂) But I linke to try something new to me against your Sizilien if you do not mind.

Autocorrectur is cool. 🙄 ...I like to...
...your Sicilian...
NON Rated 10+0 50 min game
Start 6pm
NON Rated 10+0 50 min 6pm

Using the Tournament system in a non rated way will provide all a way of working on openings against many opponent's.
This is an idea that the operators of Lichess could implement.
My main reason for creating this type of Tournaments is to warm up for the Daily Arena Rapid challenge Game.
I can only provide a link to the game when it appears in the tournament Tables. 10+0 Non Rated 6pm Waem up for Rated Daily Arena.

Honestly I am not very interested in rapid games, as they simply do not allot the time to come up with decisive ideas, and rapid tends to be more about intuition rather than calculation.

If you have an idea then you have a plan for what to expect.
So really you will be getting better results if many people are working on your idea.
I do understand that some would prefere more time. This can be done in Game Study, but i do think it has a place. Non Rated 10+0 6pm
Warm up for Daily Rapid Arena