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  3. Training chess in the adult age

Hi everyone, in this topic i would like to take training chess in the adult age or more precisely to start serious training to improve in chess. Is it even possible to think or rather dreaming about any chess career when you start a real training in such an age? Of course in each discipline including chess professional players start their training very early. But maybe earlier you did not have any chance or even possibilities to think about real chess career. Chess the same as studies or other activities in lifetime needs a kind of sacrafice. There are some examples of players who started his career late with good results, but what do you think - what level of "chess dreaming" is possible: to became a tournament player or someone more ... ?

Age is irrelevant in the equation of improving a skill. If you are healthy and can to focus the only major variable that will determine your outcome is time. Most adults can't or won't dedicate the time that is required to improve a skill and many unfortunately stop trying to learn new things.

If you enjoy playing chess and improvement is important to you then you need to spend time doing so. An adult has many advantages versus a youth... One is finances. If you have the finances available you may hire a fantastic coach to help guide you and encourage your rapid improvement. Good luck!

What means "such an age"? 20? 80?

Even titled players dont usually play chess as a career, and you dont have to study or anything else to play in tournaments. From what I've heard is its possible, through hard work and study, to get a lower chess tittle at any age, but, most GM's started young.

An adult reaches his full potential faster than a youngster,
but the same individual has more potential at young age than at adult age.

I think one can reach some modest goals. But for the same goal it takes a child 10 hours, a teen 100 hours, a twen 1000 hours, an old dude even more.

@Sarg0n Is it really true a child's mind is that much more "fresh" compared to a teen or adult? Would it not make sense that one closer to age 25 (when the brain is fully developed) would study most efficiently, speaking in terms of cognitive ability and excluding environmental factors? So many chess masters say you have close to no hope to becoming a titled player if you start chess in your later years because a child's mind is that much more fresh, and absorbs information quicker, but I beg to differ. I believe it is purely and simply because an adult has less time on his hands, and if he had all the time in the world he would learn more effectively than a child because his brain is already developed. Of course the brain starts declining after age 25 so comparing lets say a 30 year old to a 10 year old, sure maybe in this case you can argue the 10 year old may learn at a quicker rate than the 30 year old given the same amount of studying time. maybe, but i believe that someone who starts playing chess seriously at age lets say 18 (excluding environmental factors) can become a grandmaster by age 25 with serious studying.

This might sound harsh, but even the late-starters devoting their whole time and money (for trainers) stick to the average level. You can become advanced or a run-of-the-mill 2000 fellow, but not IM or something like that.

Nowadays all the kids train in the internet, they make mince-meat out of adults.

Chess is more a procedural skill than accumulating dry declarative chunks of information. That‘s why the age plays even more a desicive role.

An adult learns faster than a child. An adult has learned to learn from books and other resources. An adult can read in several languages. The adult brain is trained by the mathematics he had to study in school.

The juvenile brain is more malleable. That is why the yougsters can reach a higher peak than the adult.

Resources do not matter. I know people with unlimited time and money, who despite hiring professional masters and grandmasters get nowhere.

@Sarg0n whats a procedural skill?