Tournament in 2 days. Any advice ?

Hi guys!
I am taking part in the Mumbai Mayors Cup on the 13th of this month. It's my first ever OTB tournament and I'm also an unrated player irl.
My classical chess has seen a major drop (100+ points!), and it's kinda got me worried for the tournament.
How do I keep my nerves under control?
Also any general piece of advice from the community for a first time tournament player would be highly appreciated 😅.

Just try to be your self and remember you know how to play, take your time and think , There are over 100 other unrated players in your section and no one over 1600.

Hey orion just keep updating us about what's ur player name.. Bcoz they are almost all Mumbai players..... So I could help u if u tell ur opponents name

@Orion9328 If the tournament is a classical tournament, take your time with each and every move. Look at the position from not just your point of view, but your opponent's as well. In my first OTB tournament I ended up losing 5 of 6 games because I rushed my moves when I should have taken the time to evaluate the position and then decide what is the best course of action. Instead, I used my intuition which was fine for the opening and some parts of the middlegame but eventually the slight inaccuracies that I made from rushing allowed all 5 of my opponents to slowly build up their position and win.

I'll leave you with a quote from Magnus

"Look for patterns not moves."

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