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  3. Tortoise icon for classical games. Rude.

i like trains ๐Ÿš…

I understand the idea that "rabbit" is pronounced almost like "rapid" - but people should remember that this is only true for the english language. Lichess has been translated into more than 50 languages, and this icon kind of compromise the effort made by all the translators and will be confusing to many foreigners.

It reminds me of another software I had once which had a pause button - instead of the usual pause icon ยจ(||) they used an icon of two bear paws.

Funny but only for users speaking english - which lead me to suggest that the icons should be customizable as per language.

They are. See #13 ...

It is an old famous fairy tale/story (for kids):
Moral of the story: slow and steady wins the race

@no_bullet_thanks For that to work, just remember to prepend "html[lang='LANG']" to the css selector mentioned in #13 and replace LANG with the IANA shortag for the language you wish to customize (one rule per customization).

@Muleskinner yes, thats a good idea, but i dont know which icons which people from which country all prefer equally, so i intended this to be a personal solution implemented by the user himself (More education, less frameworks).

TBH I dont understand the need for a separation between classical and rapid. They might as well be the same thing.

One who is good or patient enough to play one will be good at the other. The same cannot be said for any of the other time controls. A decent blitz player can be horrible at ultra and bullet and classic; a decent bullet player can be horrible at ultra and blitz and classic; and so on.

Seems a bit rhetorical to me; and adding problems where there didnt appear to be one.

But, thats just my two cents; which isnt worth a dime.

I just have to disagree with the actual bullet suggestion, it's kind of too much. My country has the highest death rate by stray bullets. I don't wanna be reminded of them and feel paranoid, not while enjoying chess. I don't mean it's offensive, just keep it to shooting games.

One could argue lightning kills people, but come on, you see what I mean... An actual bullet icon is too gruesome for a worldwide chess community.

@breakreign The simple answer to your inquiry is that your premise is wrong. 10+0 is a wholly different game than 45+45. Like, incomparable.

Then of course there is a question about the "use" of slow games with Rapid being part of Classical.
Base example: 10+0 is a very popular tournament (if alone because you can Berserk nonstop and still play a 'normal' Blitz game at half that time). This also means that in say 3 hours of 10+0 tournament, you get to play 15-20 games. In the same timeframe, you get to play a single 45+45 game. Now, if you take that 45+45 game (Lichess League) super serious, and sometimes play casual 10+0 tournaments where you berserk all games, the 45+45 game has no effect at all on your rating (as it gets buried below the mass of 10+0 games), giving you a wildly inaccurate classical rating.

i also think 10 0 is very different from 45 45. I constantly come in time trouble in 10 0.

The separation also reflects FIDE rules. They have fast chess and classical chess.

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