Topic I posted got deleted with no notification

I posted a topic and apparently was removed, and I have no notification for why
Didn't think I broke any rules?

Public shaming. Please use There is a huge ass banner when you try to make a new forum topic. It's impossible to miss.

I never posted about any specific person, and the game I posted was from an analysis board.
I've done this in the past without issue

I donno. I wasn't the one that removed it. But what's the point.

I saw the "huge ass banner"

I wanted to know in a particular case if it's justified to report someone for cheating.
Someone plays 33 moves that are top recommended moves by stockfish, without using up their clock time, is that justification for reporting them?
Or is it necessary to find more games?

In the future am I not allowed to post an analysis of a particular game in order to hide the user identity?

Also in the future, if a post gets deleted, is there no notification that it's deleted and why?

It's not your job to investigate them really. If you find someone suspicious you shouldn't be scared to report them.

TBH, it looks like you were trying to get around the "no public shaming" thing by saying "I played a game against Player X, I think it's suspicious so can you all have a look?" rather than saying "Look, Player X is a cheater!". The two are very close to each other, and might as well be the same thing. If you suspect someone is cheating, use the report function.

Dude, you posted an anonymous game and tried to start a witch-hunt. In fact it was more than easy to find out who was who.

I've posted anon games before without issue. In the future I will go to further lengths to hide identity.