To grant a takeback or not,

How often do you actually honor an opponent's request for a takeback? I know mistakes happen but I think the button is there to further confuse things. It seems like you have to try and beg for a takeback to be accepted too. I rarely accept takebacks and I don't even bother to make them even if I do misclick. People ask for takebacks after a blunder, that's funny. I don't know, I think takebacks are a waste to me,

insert your opinions on takebacks. yay or nah

In a rated game, know that you are never obligated to grant someone a takeback, however, in the event of an obvious mouseslip in a longer game, it seems a bit unsportsmanlike not to. Maybe a good system is only to permit yourself one takeback and only to allow one takeback per game, and ONLY if the case is an obvious misclick on you or your opponent's part. Just an idea.

People have different policies, and everyone is going to tell you that one opinion or the other is wrong, but just do what you think is right.

I generally err on the side of giving take backs. I’m just trying to develop my game and I appreciate when others are at the same stage

Conversely I rarely request take backs. The only exception is when i flub the castle and end up moving my king only 1 square. In those cases it’s very frustrating when my opponent doesn’t accept my take back request. I understand they don’t have to accept, but it just seems like poor sportsmanship.

I always accept takebacks and also asking for it. But only once per game. Everyone can make mystake, mysclick or things like that. We are all human beings made from not very qualitate flesh and bones. Im considering takeback when me or my opponent do mysclick, and also when i see that game we are playing is good and then, suddenly, somebody does rough mystake. But, i repeat, only once per game, because if such mystake happens more often, it tells something about quality of play and then has to be punished.

If your playing a rated game, use the official rules.

If your couching than accept the take backs from your student.

If your playing in a classroom, try a pairing ladder system. This week the lowest in the ladder plays white and picks an opponent, next week the lowest in the ladder play black. So when they play the black pieces they call where the clock goes and say if they want take backs. A take back must be done immediately, not a tempo later.

If your playing a lower rated player, than avoid asking for take backs.

If your playing against a friend, then call your own home rules.

If your hanging pieces, resign and learn to stop hanging pieces.

A mouse slip is like spilled milk, deal with it.

Requesting take backs is like chatting during a game.

Always grant with people I have a rapport with.

Otherwise...Eh? I don't recall being asked for one?

I'd probably grant it though, perhaps barring it being something minor like dropping a pawn.

I think that the option to turn take backs off for rated games is a good one.

To me, it always feels like besmirching your own honor if you have to rely on a takeback to salvage an otherwise lost position.

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