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How can I get an NM, CM FM or other titles here on lichess?

You need to first be given the title by the relevant federation (USCF for the NM, FIDE for the others).

Yea win some more tournaments @legos99 ! Just don't beat me!

These titles are not given by Lichess.

@legos99 you have a looooooooooooooooong way to go before ever seeing a title.
Study the endgames! good luck! :)

Passed the 10.000 hours of training to become expert? B-)

@legos99 Here on lichess you can get unoffical LM Title only.


It seems that you can't obtain the LM title anymore =>

Have a nice day.

@CafeMorphy You seem to be giving advice on the forums willy-nilly, but why should anybody trust you if you've only played 11 games? "I'm a 2027"! You may be a 1227 if you play more games! There's more to the website than the forums, you know. @legos99 Study tactics! They are what will make you good! I won three OTBs in a row, so... [EDIT] 11 RATED games. I looked at your casual games and you deserve your rating, albeit to an extent. (You are still playing at a 1680 level).


CafeMorphy's comments have always made sense to me. I think the level of his comments reveal him to be a solid player. I would say underrated. But only 11 rated games explains that.