I am new to Lichess So please help by giving me some tips

Work through as many resources in the Learn tab as you can. I am pretty new as well, and the small lesson modules really teach some very applicable skills. Give yourself time to learn; I know I struggle with getting frustrated regardless of how new I am at something. And something tells me I'm going to spend many many years learning this game.

Tip one! Make sure you keep your browser up to date lichess is very sensitive to this.

Tip two: go to background set to dark.

Tip 🕒: go to preferences, (my recommendation) disable takebacks, set to automatic draw after 3rd repetition, set to confirm resignation and draw offers.

Tip 4✖1: actually take a good long moment in preferences and set it how it will serve you best in my opinion the amount of options are almost excessive, almost.

Tip 6✖9➗3➖13: tuck your head between your legs and kiss elo goodbye, then prepare yourself for the "glicko" rating system.

Tip six: use the @DevilChess16 to ping a notification to a specific user.

Learning 'Checkmate Patterns' under Learn --> Practice really helped me do better at my games too--I'd strongly recommend you look at them!

You are welcome @DevilChess16. I should have added that it's important to understand the policies as well, take some time looking over the FAQ page. Lichess staff/moderators are kind' helpful and vigilant. There is no debate that of all the big name free chess sites lichess cheat detection methods are the best. This site has a strong friendly community. The best way to get to know your way around is to take some time reading around. Some things important to note: every users profile has an icon button for reporting any concerns to the moderators, it's against policy to publicly call someone out for cheating or similar abuses, always use the report system. If you have multiple pages open in lichess make sure that when you start a game you don't have an analysis board open in another page, the software will cancel the game and send a warning cheat detected. Be mindful of language and spamming. Warnings will be issued if you abandon a game without resigning first or letting time run out purposefully (different than simply flagging which ofcource is fine).

Lichess has wonderful game play options you can customize time control and set rating borders. Tournaments of all kinds. The famous Magnus Carlsen plays here in the lichess titled arenas. The site is growing fast and on a personal note I have spent a lot of time on and chess 24 and after playing on lichess there is no question about it this tops the gaming experience by far. Have fun hope you enjoy your stay.

Take advantage of the chance to analyze your own games and the studies - they have helped me improve a great deal. When I lose, I spend some time looking through the game slowly to figure out how I could improve. You have the opening explorer and the engine to help you if you want them to when looking over your own play.

Second, you'll have the chance to meet, chat with, and play titled players on here in Simuls and streams etc. You should take advantage of that opportunity. Where else can you play a friendly with a GM or IM? There's some good chess coaches around here too.

Finally, just have fun. Life is short. You'll lose a lot. You'll win a lot. Have fun!

only make a move on a puzzle when you see the whole line. dont try to rush them