Time Wasters

Lets assume that:
-You have an account for about 2 years(736 days)
-Each day you get 3 opponents who let their time expire before they make their first move(around ``17 seconds or so & Idk for you but I get more of those)

Did random time wasters stole more than -10 full hours- from your life?!
Is there punishment severe enough?
it's kinda funny.-

lol yes he is but like really why r u on lichess why do u even KNOW what liches is if u hate chess

More like 10.01 hours, after this post!

Seriously though, I try to remember that sometimes real life crops up which can divert focus, especially when you've already been sitting in a queue for minutes, looking for a game.

And for everyone that I've done it to, I'm sorry!

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