Time out with only minor piece left

It's the FIDE ruling, that doesn't apply everywhere though. It leads to situation that contradict the idea of chess itself and the game being played so far: the material advantage you've been working for and which might bring you a win if only you had time, suddenly becomes a burden, a nail on your coffin, that makes you lose a game that your opponent has no realistic hope to win (with play). Material advantage is first about to bring you a win, but suddenly it's the only reason making you lose. Lol. My solution: play with increment and avoid such guillotine endings.

ok, that's what i thought and it is answered... it is a FIDE rule, if it can be won by opponent, no matter the stupid errors you have to make, them you lose by time. if you didn't had that pawn, then would be stalemate by insufficient material.

@Olimpuz didn't remembered that mate. then even if he didn't have the pawn, even so he would lose, piece against opponent piece. Am i right?

#15 Only bishop against bishop, same color is a draw: no series of legal moves leads to checkmate.

Reminder: a lone Bishop versus a unlimited number of a) same-colored Bishops b) Rooks c) Queens (and everything together) cannot win. Now way to checkmate with B-QQRRBB for example (provided same-colored B).

Lichess would probably give a win in that case due to detection limits.

If you run out of time you lose. Very simple.

There is an exception - if it is otherwise impossible for you to lose it's declared a draw. But it must be impossible, not merely improbable.