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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Time Management for Chess Blitz with Increment

What is a proper time management strategy for blitz with increment? (say 5 min 3 sec increment)

With increment I find that I can't judge how much time I have left, and tend to either play too fast or too slow.

Hope to hear from the great blitz players here. ;)

Most of your games end by move 30. So that means you should ideally use 5 min x 60 s/min + 30 move x 3 s/move = 390 s over the game or average 13 s / move. This is provided you have sufficient endgame technique to finish a won position in 3 s/move.

You should not look at the clock, but play the time control 5+3 often and adjust your pace of play. If you lose with time left, then slow down and think more. If you get into unclear positions with only 3 s increment left, then speed up and trust your intuition more.