time increments

Hi everyone

I play three minute games with no time increments yet sometimes my opponents time does not go down at all towards the end of the game, in the last ten or twenty seconds or so. Could someone explain why this is please as I don't understand it. How can it be possible to move without using any time?!

Many thanks folks and hi from the UK, Martin

You can premove a piece, meaning that you select its move during your opponent's turn. Once it is your turn, that move is played automatically (if it's legal). On this website, a premove uses no time. This is very common in time scrambles at the end of games, especially in endgames where some positions require little calculation.

Thanks for that, how exactly do I do that please?

By making a move before your opponent completes his.

none of all dat (though premoves do exist)

this is normal for games such as bullet

basically, lichess has a ping compensation thing, so if the other player premoves and they have terrible ping, then lichess gives them some time back because their connection is slow
people usually start to notice this near the end of the game because that's when decimals are shown (by default)

if their connection isn't that bad, then sometimes their timer just doesn't go down for a bit, which is part of the ping compensation system

so overall, higher ping players get some time back (sort of like an increment for players with bad connection) when making fast moves, or premoves (premoves still take a small amount of time though for normal ping players, because otherwise you would never run out of time)

Thanks everyone, I tried it and it worked. Much appreciated!

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