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  3. time atomic

lately is playing a lot 0 + 1 in atomic, against 3 + 2 that would be ideal to make new proposals and find alternatives to many variants.
No offense, 0 + 1 is like a lottery.
I would like to see more tournaments of style 2 + 1 or 3 + 2

Good idea @pablito1970 because 0+1 and 1/2+0 is getting unserious.Also,chess is thinking game,but not a speed game :)

the elite of the atomic players almost always play 3 + 2 because they do not care about the rating ... this must be played for fun and not for numbers

well I don't care about rating, I love fast time controls that is all. u said 0+1 is like the lottery, and yet u say the "non-elite" players care about their rating(you inference that when you say the "elite" players care about their rating". If it is like the lottery, that means the "non-elite" players do NOT care about their rating, like me. I like fast time controls, that is all.(Most of my wins are because of me winning, not just time)

Thekid456, whats is better win for time or win for strategy?

playing faster games is just fun for me, it is more fun than slower games, that is all.

@pablito1970 you can always create your own tournaments.

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