Could someone please explain to me how it is possible for a player to have 2 seconds on the clock whilst I have one minute. 10 or 20 moves later they still have 2 seconds and I am down to 27 seconds. This has happened a few times to me.This is not possible!!!!

I just had a look at the game, my opponent went from move 52...........77 on 2 seconds, not possible.

It is possible if every move is a premove. Premoves take zero time.

One of the perks of online chess.

Often when one player is about tho flag (like 2 seconds) and the other has time to spare, the player with time might sac a piece like the queen or whatever just throw their material away to hit them with a check or some move to baffle them, anything that would interrupt the pre move so his last second or two are used.

A post of the game would be better to explain in the correct manner. I would have to agree with the other posts.

jonesmh. sorry I am unsure how to post a game or I would do so.

just paste the link out
it will automatically turn into the game

Thank you, now I have a better understanding of the situation. I will hopefully know better next time.

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