Tiger's Modern

Does anyone here play the Tiger's Modern? Would love to share insights.

Also, what do people think about it?

I play Tiger's modern and mostly enjoy it. I'm not a specialist, but the main issues for me are:

1. Austrian Attack (white puts paws on d4,e4,f4).
2. Averbakh Variation (white puts pawns on c4,d4,e4).

I watched the recent DVD that Tiger made with GingerGM, and he says that the book recommendation against #1 isn't good. He recommends learning the Pirc instead.

#2 either leads to an early queen trade where you actually need pretty accurate defense (I got destroyed a couple times), or a super cramped position where white advances d4d5. I don't enjoy either, but it's probably because I haven't studied it enough.

@BlindFool , what has been your experience?

I have started studying it. I haven't gone through all the lines, however its quite fun. Since its so rare, I can easily breeze past most games where White doesn't play the critical lines.
The main problem I have is when white has built his centre solidly and I don't see a way to attack it. Something like e4 d4 c3 and a4/a3. I also need to learn the strategical and positional elements to it, as I occasionally make blunders.

I don't mind the Austrian line, Nh6 and my defense seems fine.
I am wondering whether I should learn averbackh variation against c4 or KID. KID is more solid, however averbakh is more surprising. I don't know any theory for either, and my opponents will most likely have learnt it for averbakh.

I'm making a study on Tiger's Modern, would you like to help?
Heres the link (wip)

Actually I play that as well - it is not that easy. I used to play the Modern/Pirc so I got some synergies.

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