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  3. These guys who run away in the middle of the game

Who are these guys who run away in the middle of the game and does everything to avoid playing against stronger opponents in Anonymous games? I do my best to hunt you down and crush you bad. You are my jaws at least until the score is 10-0.

Grow some backbone cowards.

Unless they are repeatedly putting out challenges with the same really distinctive time control, how can you possibly 'hunt down' anonymous opponents?


I think is enough chess bullet for you today.

I can usually tell when I am playing against same opponent. He is trying to avoid me by leaving game and starting new one. I catch him again and beat him on 5 boards simultaneously.

I remember another few angry forum posts from you about non-rematchers.

Relax. Don't worry about who you're playing. Put on zen mode or something.

Being calmer will even help you play better, a lesson I'm still learning...


worst flaw in chess history. Sucks but we gotta just keep pushing forward and only playing in tournaments. People seem a lot strong in tournament than reg pool. I like facing higher rated and winning. I'll admit chess probably isn't for everyone. Some people are just pathetic and cheat when they get the crap beaten out of them by higher rated players. It just shows how flawed us humans can be. NIKE

I have 0 tolerance towards cowards. I want to play against the strongest player I can find and these cowards running away when facing stronger opponent just makes me mad.

If you want to play the strongest player you can find, you shouldn't be concerned with repeatedly playing weaker players who don't want to play you.

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