The Yusupov Challenge (Build up Your Chess, Boost Your Chess, Chess Evolution)

Has anyone worked their way through the series (not just the first book)?

I'm considering taking "The Yusupov Challenge" (Jacob Aagaard) where you attempt to go through the entire series in a year (I know it was meant to be 3 years originally).

I already spend a ton of time on chess study, what is another 6-8 hours a week? The most annoying part when I went through the first book was setting up the positions on a real chess board over and over. I didn't have a problem going through variations and lines and writing them down in a notebook (I liked that part). Considering not using a real chess board and simply use SCID vs PC or Lichess studies.

I have just read through the challenge. And I think i will try it too. But am not going to set up the positions on chess board, that will take me forever. I am almost finishing Irving Chernev''s Logical chess move by move, I was using Chessbase 14 to read through the variations. I think I will do the same for this.

But am not sure whether am skipping any steps in my reading cultrure since Irving Chernev's was my first book.

When I was young and had the money, I easily read 100 books a year. Now I don't have the resources or the eyesight to complete either challenge. I have read his first three volumes but the rest of the collection will never be completed.

I worked a lot with the 3 books from the boost your chess series and I can tell you this stuff is "heavy" and difficult. The third was kind of torture for me but it is very helpful and you will learn a lot.

My opinion is you will need at least have an Fideelo of 1500 for the "easiest" book and go tryhard.

In general the books from Yussupov are great stuff.

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