The SJW's have lost their mental faculties and we must talk about our strategies.

I had my account RonPaulsSteelBalls for nearly 6 years on and in the last week several SJW's decided to mass report my account name as offensive and as a result they got me banned.

Who in the hell do these idiots think they are?

This scenario is a vector to the many scenario unfolding through every nation across our planet as these demonic forces devoid of mental faculties seek to seize power over every governing body and corporate infrastructure.

Their main function is hypocrisy with the veil of ethical relativism but their goal is to maintain their status as an enemy of free speech and harbinger of death and desolation upon all of the inhabitants upon this earth.

Out of all honestly I only anticipate Americans, Icelandic, and Nordic peoples to understand what I mean to say, by a majority, though, there are many among you across other nations that understand the enemy we face.

What we can do as a solution is continue to defecate all over their efforts and answer to them when they speak in hopes of not receiving rebuke or reproach.

There will be some that frequent this thread if it is allowed to survive without SJW's editing it out of the collective conscience and to those that cackle and chuckle-duck--your name will be burn in the eternal lake of fire as it does now.

Share strategies and experiences.

Another very common experience in America is a total lack of focus or ability to hold an attention or span of attention for anything including and especially for communication, sentences, paragraphs, and otherwise normal human behavior which now appears as a high frequency though it were but a normal frequency being lost in the ether of masses of demonic forces attempting to memory-hole the good men and women of this world.

En shorte, you SJW's are so fallen -- you exist on moral platitudes without foundation; empty jests without any sift of merit; dark pejoratives which you hold as law against order.

Lastly, our forefathers did not hide behind keyboards nor will we -- we will congregate in the public to speak against your powers and shall you raise an army against ours, we will meet in the field and overthrow your strongholds and seize what is ours under authority of the creator of this universe.

Make your new name “Hillary Clinton Steel Balls” and see if you get banned or not.

Bet you will not get banned.

#1 I skimmed your whole post and just came here to post: chillax brah.

Maybe I am not Nordic enough - but I am not familiar with the letters SJW. Why is this in "General Chess Discussions" anyway? Maybe you should introduce a PaulsBalls opening and discuss it here.

The messed up part is this particular form of discrimination against you typically only targets the right wing. I doubt that an account named "BernieSandersFreeBalls" would be banned. These Marxists manage to wiggle their way into positions of power on social media. Right wingers are 17 times more likely to be twitter banned than left wingers.

Welcome to the idiocracy! Let's give thanks to postmodernism and post-structuralism. Praised are the French philosophers as well as their heirs of thought. Lacan, Derrida and Foucault are my shepherd: I shall not want.

I'm here to play chess, not read about your political views.

Whether the contention is coming from you or from your opposition, it doesn't belong here.

NEITHER of you belong here talking politics.

BOTH of you belong here playing chess.