The Road to 2300 Blitz

Stop playing chess and live a normal, healthy life, folks. That includes posting dozens of posts on lichess forum each day about chess being a waste of time.

Green Machine are you still going? wow

At least good chess players spend time improving in a game they love, there's nothing wrong with people who have hobbies. Unless your hobbie is to log in to an account on a chess website and literally waste your time about people who play games for fun. I'm unsuscribing so if you want to continue to not study or work by defending your ridiculous posture then whatever.

Green Machine.

Many people care about blitz time scrambles. Blitz is a form of real chess. As is bullet and hyper bullet.

You know how I know this? Because it’s called chess :) Just time is shorter. Because if we go by your definition then you’d have to be the ruler of the chess world who gets to decide where “real” chess starts and blitz time scrambles end. 10 minutes? 20? 1 hour? 2 hours per game? 4 hours? Where does “real” chess start you think?

This is interesting! User @TheGreenMachine420 said that chess and music are different in that music "enriches peoples lives" and chess doesn't. Chess is a game, right? How is it different from let's say sports, which millions of people engage in daily, thus "wasting their lives"? Do you go ranting on about it? And what about music? I know millions of bands whose music is in my opinion terrible (i'm a semi-professional myself), yet many people want to hear them play and are willing to pay for it. Is there any difference to people wanting to watch and play chess? If so, how?

And as far as bullet is concerned, it's a bit like some musicians wanting to play fast. There are many famous musicians whose trademark is playing fast. What's the difference in playing fast on an instrument and playing fast on a chessboard?

Thank you for your (potential) answer!

Good riddance and good-bye, troll. Case closed.

Good luck to the OP. I remember that 2300 Blitz was a tough nut to crack but I finally managed.

Good luck! Systematic openings work best in blitz I've found. If you know some lines really deep (20+ moves or so) then go for it :) Positional skills you learn from GM games and doing daily tactics will get you there!

Time pressure is also key. Even if you get good / winning positions, you have to be prepared to put up with some good resistance! Try to play fast in the opening and be sure to stay up at least 5 or 10 seconds up on the clock throughout the entire game. Those extra tics will help in endgame time scrambles if it comes to that.

Hope that helps! You can do it!

We all have our hobbies.

Why don't you go bash on people that go to football club, rugby club, scouts etc too?

Why do you play chess then bash on people that are better than you? Are you insecure about your rating so you tell better players they're just wasting their time??