The Road to 2300 Blitz

I'm actually really good for how little time and energy I've put into the game. I'm 37, Dude. I spent my time working on things that people care about and matter. I just play Chess as a hobby now and then because I'm realistic about prioritizing in this one life we each get.

I'm also American. I notice many of you who spend just extreme amounts of time on Chess are not. We don't do that here in the States lol. We have other options.

To each their own but "bad player" at online chess isn't really an insult at all. Obviously, all of the most successful people in the world are horrible at Chess because they've never spent even a shred of time on it. They were prioritizing other things - as any reasonable person with talent and ambition would.

This is ridiculous, first of all, people can be really interested in commentated blitz, it's basically the most popular format of content. Moreover, you're somehow turning this into a nationality argument by just being straight up racist. Sure Archiduxus was rude but if you don't want to watch blitz just leave those who want to alone. Also don't bully me I'm also a shit player :(

age isnt any excuse, i was better then you when i was 10. im 20 now, im just starting life. lmao.
alos @ThisIsNotCheckers im calling him out because he is like this on alot of forum posts. He wants attention,

No, stop it - There was absolutely no racism involved in my post lol. This isn't some liberal college - It's reality. I said absolutely nothing racist whatsoever. I simply pointed out that the guys on here who do virtually *nothing* but play Chess are hardly ever American. That's not "racist" LOL. It doesn't even refer to race - it refers to nationality.

I don't think there's any denying that a very, very small percentage of Americans would ever conceive of spending that much time on online Chess. Or any Chess for that matter.

Yeah, he just straight up trashtalked the 2300 player who was just advertising his content lmao
and it's quite contradictory that he insists on him playing "real chess" and then says chess is stupid and you're dumb if you waste your life on it.

You're honestly arguing that Chess is something one should devote the majority of the time in their lives to? That's crazy. One could easily argue that encouraging children to throw their time away on that is straight up child abuse.

And yes - I trash talked a 2300 bullet player. If he was 1200, he obviously spends his time on more important things and there's no reason to trash talk him. He's probably a really interesting guy.

Americans waste their lives working like a slave and die 2 years after they get to retire and "enjoy" life. Except for a small percentage, I can't imagine that an American would waste their time reading an informative book.