The new trend on Lichess: "NO REMATCH"

@Bukowskithebum Uhhh, no. This one has "Dishes it out, but can't take it" written all over it. Out of nothing but your own mind, you've invented insulting motivations for every player on here who doesn't accept rematch requests. I think this amateur psychiatrist schtick of yours is warped, frankly.

I have a little fun and turn the tables -- really, my psychological theory that you have issues with rejection is at least as valid as your own crackpot theories -- and you storm off in a huff.

Again: "Dishes it out, but can't take it."

All that said, I do think your idea for a match option is good, so there's that.


“The crazy ones only laugh when there is no reason to laugh.”
― Charles Bukowski


I can see from this thread why @Bukowskithebum gets so vexed at those not interested in rematches, because when someone bests him he simply cannot let it go.

If I do not want to lose, I don't have to play chess. Why does it matter if there was a predescent game?

It really would never have occured to me that it is possible that someone considered it impolite to do something else after a game.

I only send rematch offer when I get enthusiastic over the way my opponent plays. And if she/he accepts, I mostly say thank you. I myself it is 50/50, if I would play again; depending on how much time and energy that I still have.
I think there is nothing wrong in rematch offer. It's just the way how you see it: see positive or negative.

@Sybotes I think it's impolite for similar reasons as when someone disconnects before resigning a game. Having to wait a few seconds is not the main problem to me, it's just the disrespect it implies. It's like saying "how can I lose to this ***", you disconnect because you don't respect your opponent and you don't accept losing to them. I think it's impolite to not accept at least one rematch because you are disregarding your opponent in a similar way. Nobody disconnects on Nakamura (or, this is so rare that I have never seen), and nobody denies a rematch requests from him, why? Because he is a top player? Or because everybody respects him as a player? But you don't need to be playing a top GM to show respect to your opponent, I think.


The assumption of disrespect may sometimes hold, sometimes is it completly wrong.

You're adding the playing strength as a factor. Most motivationg for me is playing my rapid games against players of about equal strength. I play my (atm only rapid or classical) games in zen mode. And I'm paired to opponents who ruin their position in a way it is no fun to play against. I don't mean blunders. They happen on a bad day too often here. I mean something like putting all pawns on white squares and then exchanging the black bishop and the knights. Why should I spoil their and my time with a rematch, even if they ask for some whacking?

@etaLaskera For me, there is a large different between leaving a game without resigning and not rematching.

When I leave a game and let just the time run out, it really means disrespect. I just want to annoy him without having any advantage for myself. I agreed to start the game, and I should finish it ordinarily.

But if I come here and play a game for, say, half an hour: Do you really mean that it is impolite not planning the time for two games in advance? That I should never start a game when I do ot plan to stay online for at least 1 hour because the opponent might wish a rematch? I think you are exaggerating. And why is it impolite to replay and analyze a game rather than playing a new one?