The new trend on Lichess: "NO REMATCH"

Without saying anything in chat I find the use of "Rematch" rather creepy. 90% of the rematches I am offered seem to be from people who have just lost. I'm sorry if their egos are bruised, but I don't owe them anything, and if they can't even click the "Thank you", "Well played" or "Good game" button then I'd rather have my next game with someone who might have some manners.

@Gyryth It is not about manners, saying anything just feel so "fake" that in my opinion it isn't worth it.
Each time I receive such messages there is a part of me trying to figure out why exactly (it may be sarcastic, an attempt to engage conversation or whatever), I'm here to play chess and that's all, maybe I lack manners but I have no expectations on the behavior of my opponents, I only want them to play.

And for the OP it is not a new trend, it has been the case since I'm here, I guess in long games people want a break and in the short one, they just want to play without any baggage or expectation (no matter how small it is).

I admit, sometimes, I also don't rematch because I know I got the win because of luck and not skill.

you're expecting too much from people with a chess culture based around chessbrah and nakamura streams.

Aka K+R vs K+R flags + never resigning.

If you're flagging, lefonging, no it at least in this young bird streamer

2 games, normal openings, some thinking (watch CE streams for his opinion on this topic) -> too old-fashioned )))


This is lichess. Most players here doesnt know anything about life and how to be a nice to other players.
They are here to push random woods and not to learn something about other players, especially if they lose to someone.


What an pleasant relief - there are some true chess players on this site after all! Examining weaknesses in the opponents camp and not fooled by the 15 seconds loophole.

Keeping a straight face + composure after such wins is the most annoying part after all.

Going back to study Zurich 53 Candidates at the weekend.

Like Reamtch's Are weird because if you lost A tiny bit t sets your mind to Ahh I wont be able to win again
So people just refuse to play again because everyone here is just grinding for some raiting points that dont matter because I have played tons of times with 2000 who dont know anything about chess so its just that.


I'm in multiple camps when it comes to a rematch. It depends on what I'm doing, to be honest. I can be one of 3 things.

1) Rematch a player a number of times. Even up to 10 games or so.
2) Just getting on real quick to play a single game, maybe 2 and not taking a rematch.
3) Going player to player to player no rematches.

I don't take it seriously if someone declines a rematch or offers a rematch as in something to be offended by.

I never instigate the rematch request. If someone requests a rematch I do one of two things (1) Politely decline. (2) Accept, but ask if opponent will accept "..the best of three for bragging rights.."

As my rating flutuates between 2000 - 2150 I get to play opponents from 1800 to 2200 usually. I find that "no rematches" is more common amongst the lower rated players. Usually players 2200 + accept/offer remaches more often. I think it just have to do with showing respect to your opponent, recognizing that he played a good game despite having made some mistakes. It goes both ways.