The new trend on Lichess: "NO REMATCH"

What happened with the players on Lichess?

90% of my opponents do not accept or request a rematch! I am talking about Bullet games...

Is this the new characteristic of chess players or is the system the reason, because it's easier to to challenge a new one, instead of waiting for the rematch acceptance???

weird people... this was different 2-3 years ago on Lichess... I always hat a row of games with the same player... it was obvious that you go to rematch after the first game...

I personally hardly ever rematch, as I state in my page. The reason for this is I will be quickly reviewing the game afterwards to look for anything of interest (missed tactics/threats/opening etc). The point is to use blitz/bullet as a tool and sometimes just for a bit of fun. Maybe more people are doing the same?

I don't understand issue anyway as you can easily click on a new game or is there some sort of unwritten obligation to play endless strings of games with the same person? If so apologies.

It has never been a real trend to rematch. A minority of players is always trying to wag the dog though.

half the time when i play i click new oppenent right away so i dont even see the offer

Bullet games are usually and you shall find.

i dont accept rematches cos i dont want you to revenge my win,or if i lose i dont want you to feel special that you can punch me the way you want. Thats just me

I wonder how many players have one or 2 favorite opponents though. I would guess a lot but Idk. I've played something like 200 games against my brother @Deep-Fried-Thoughts who's not on any lichess team. But we played for years otb before I moved out. We've always been about 50/50 wins losses but that changed when we started playing online he is way better at fast games. We've played so many times against each other that we try to prepare new lines every game.

Besides teammates I only have 2 or 3 regular opponents.

Even if you play with different opponents every time,there will always be some possibility that one day you get an opponent you have already played before.

But what i simply always do is: if opponent sends a rematch request,i usually accept.If he does not,i start a new game with other opponent.

Can't say I rematch often. There's almost always something to learn by reviewing each game upon completion & I can't very well review the previous game & rematch at the same time unless I want to be labelled a cheating scrub using analysis mid game. Is it really a big issue either way though? The great thing about this site is there is always an opponent to play. If you want rematches then it might be worth considering joining a team? It might give you the more social atmosphere you're looking for.