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  3. The killer bishops

me against stockfish level 3

man stockfish level 3 doesn't play to well


I cannot stand computer chess. Play humans.

In the opening you sacrificed your bishop almost 6 moves in a row. Talk about a waste of time.

How can that be any fun if your opponent let your bishop hang 6 times in a row?
You took out 4 of his center pawns with a single bishop, and his knight on back row. All of which were defended.

A 1000 player would've taken your bishop on every single one of those.

Nice level 3 win...

Now we are all looking forward to your level 4 win. :)

stockfish level 5

I think OP is highlighting an issue with the lower level engines. Even level 3 should be strong enough to take free bishops. Maybe an alteration to the engine's value of different variables is in order.

stockfish 5 is a chimp who plays.