The hippopotamus formation

Great if you're looking to commit suicide. You'd struggle to last 20 moves.
Next move ...d5 by black and you're already facing multiple threats.

it's normally used by both sides
if opponent don't use c pawn or f pawn you can equalize game
ıf opponent use c pawn you already lose game

The Hippopotamus system is characterized by a double Fianchetto by either white or black.
This interesting defense has been used twice by World Champion Boris Spassky against Petrosian during their World Championship match. (both games ended as draw).
Very recently (December 2019), GM Wei Yi from China has played the Hippopotamus defense against the World Champion Candidate Ian Nepomniachtchi, and drew the game.
It is mainly used as a surprise weapon, and is based on dynamic counter-attacking possibilities.
The Hippo is also used as white, mainly by GM Pavel Blatny.

Looks like the Hessian mercenaries have been given an order by their British commander, "Front rank, forward one step."

The hippo opening technically refers to an opening system popularized (if you can call it popular) by JC Thompson, designed to take opponents out of book with an early ...Nh6, followed by advancing a number of pawns to the second rank. Because he was a good chess player, he was able to get away with it against his average opponent. Then one day, he decided to play it against Ragozin. Ragozin reminded us all why nobody plays the hippo.

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