The Hedgehog

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What's the hedgehog? Is that an opening? The animal is cute though


The hedgehog is an opening (pawns a6,b6,d6,e6,Bb7,Be7,Nf6 and so on...) which is played against the English often.

Not only against the English, also from the Sicilian, from the Queen's Indian Defence... It is very versatile, but you must like cramped positions.

I love playing the hedgehog. if you wanna get really good at it, i’d recommend reading sergey shipov’s massive 2 volume (over 600 pages each book) study of the complete hedgehog. your timing of the breaks will improve dramatically, as will your ability to bounce between plans and poke your opponent. when you harass your opponent just enough you can induce him to react which is when you strike most powerfully hehe. good luck! it’s a great and versatile opening structure.

hope this helps!

i get why grandmas would tell you to quit the hedgehog, boomers don't understand dynamicism of pawn play. @billy_eyelashhh