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  3. The darker side to chess

Although I am still not sure if the New World Order has infiltrated chess yet. The evidence is pretty strong.

The Goyim know! Shut it down!

The truth has been spoken

If the NWO was trying to control us through a chess website, you'd think they'd make a site that is more user-friendly than, easier to navigate, and doesn't charge its users money.


oh shit...

omg... my dry-cough....
cant.. breathe. xDDD

cheer up, you made it.....

It's hard to listen to the "voice of chess" for longer than a few minutes. So maybe a bad choice by the NWO

What about Kirsan Illyumzhinov, leader of FIDE? If any chess agent is involved in conspiracies, it's probably him. He has a number of suspicious connections and purports that extraterrestrial beings gave us chess...

While we're at it, Fischer was sane.

LMAO we need more of this in chess everyone and everything related to chess is so f****n bland we need to erect a new Scourge!