The alphabet of chess

I thought I'd unearth this. Actually I feel I could go and wake up my (unknown) neighbours to tell them about it.

What a feat!

Thanks. Yes, it took some time, but it was fun to do.

If someone is curious about something similar, I'm open to suggestions for new things to try.

Hi Dio_.

It must have, but then I cannot see how I'd come up with it in a thousand years.
And I must say I admire this kind of dedication to something indeed so devoid of any practical use, just for the heck of it. Reminds me of Kaio-sama counting growing grass blades on his microscopic planet (sorry for the references), which is not to say MoralIntentions lives in a world of his own...

Love them, changed to the same size

and where king is mated in the middle (needed for my own set where the king stands out)

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