Thanks! Lichess

Thanks for adding variants tournaments with 5+0 time control.

Github link:
The original proposal was to implement two new lanes with Horde / RK and 3+ / 960 being featured every other hour bsesides the already exisiting Antichess / Atomic rotation. Instead, the code was edited to merge the four new variants into a three-hourly cycle. It's not perfect - ZH has privileges somewhat beyond what their current statistics would justify in my opinion - and a bit unfortunate for the anti and atomic fanatics, but allowing 7/8 variants to have their hourly tournaments is a huge improvement for all our respective communities.
...except King of the Hill, because screw King of the Hill apparently :-/

#8 was talking about the popularity of variants. If you want to check out the amount of players / week, you can go to and select any variant that you'd like to see. For total amount of games played / month, see and search for your respective variant. Interesting statistics include that Antichess & Atomic are more actively played than both ZH and 960 by a fairly clear margin despite having slightly less players. Where RK once used to be far less popular than any other variant, it can now compete in terms of player numbers and has already passed KotH (in last place) and Horde when it comes to the total amount of games / month.

Thank you for adding hourly RK arena Lichess :)


That isn't a nice thing to say at all. If you really think of it, you would be saying lichess, I love you! Puzzles, streams, tournaments, teams, forums, games....

Hourly Atomic was there for a long time! and racing kings - not even once!
Try it out anyway, you might like it.

But in my opinion, that wasn't the right thing to say.

I thank you very much.
Thank you

to be honest i thnk zh should have less slots it has the most players but does it deserve a 24/7 lane? idk
Official statement of the International Federation of Antichess
Regarding the introduction of variants that have not been hourly so far
The IAF welcomes the appearance hourly for the other variants
For us it is no problem that we now have hourly at 3 o'clock
We are a united community and we organize our official hourly tournaments

The reason they arnt at the same time would be too much things going on at the same time.... honestly do we want to fry thibault computer?