Takebacks in ranked?

Does anyone else feel soooo bad NOT accepting takebacks from opponents in ranked? I just started to play ranked games, and I've had two offers. One I accepted the first time, and lost the game most likely because of it, and the second I just declined and went on to win... But I feel SOOOO bad not accepting them. Do I just continue to feel like an ass? Is there a way to turn them off for JUST ranked games? Thanks!

EDIT: Im dumb there is an option for only casual. Sry. Someone can delete this.

I've had it turned off so long I forgot it was a thing in ranked games. But you can turn it off by going to preferences then game behavior and set it to casual only.

Don't feel bad for it in ranked games.

Friendly games are there for fun.

Rated ones too, but also are there because you want to compete and win and you want more points so you should take them seriously. If someone fucks up in a ranked game, is their responsibility, not yours. Be it a misclick or any other thing. You might lose if you accept a takeback.

oh god just decide it for you, dont accept if it wasnt an obvious slip at all, or do it as me, dont accept them at all, u can turn them out in ur profile, people should be punished for blunders instead of begging for takebacks

I only accept takebacks in rated if its an obvious mouseslip, like a castle gone wrong. Anything else I decline. No need to feel bad in my opinion.

No feel bad.

AND - takebacks should NOT be possible during rated games. Only casual. Period. End of story.