Takebacks and Lichess Ratings

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". Question: If it were truly a misclick, why does the person then move a different piece?"
because they might have clicked on the wrong piece by accident. Believe it or not that happens.
I would recommend always having tack-backs turned off though. Always.
But that is your decision. Not mine.

In one game opponent requesting take back made me think more and find a +3 tactic that i was missing.
By the way never accept or request take back on blunders, It's not ethical. Accepting for missclicks is good sport though imao.

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The option to take a move back is great in certain games . Friends and I often use the feature to play educational games (as opposed to competitive games) to talk each other through the pros/cons of certain moves. I personally won't allow take-backs in rated games because I believe its somewhat disrespectful to the opponent and to oneself, in that I've noticed players who seem to rely on taking back mistakes, which I think defeats the purpose of the game when it's simply acting as a crutch. In the case of mouse slips, I do feel sorry for an opponent when they obviously did not intend to make a certain move, but I also have had to deal with continuing play after a terrible blunder. It's fair in my opinion. I've won a few games where I thought I was sure to lose after an awful queen blunder early on, and it made me a more confident player. In a perfect world, being able to only take back a misclick would be great , but it isn't always so clear. My philosophy is that the worst that happens is you lose the game, and you lose knowing that the loss (most likely) was largely due to that huge, unintentional blunder. I don't feel too bad losing games like that because I don't see them as a reflection of my skill.

I couldn't agree more,
You would see these takebacks usually when someone blunders a piece (like a queen or rook) and later pretend it was a mis-click. Yes sometimes it truly is a mis-click but often its obvious what has actually happened.
For instance if a player blunders by capturing a pawn with his queen but only after playing it realizes it was guarded by a Knight or so, they are ready to ask for a takeback, it's obviously (most of the times) not a mouse-click else he wouldn't be doing a capture.
It's really unethical to ask for a takeback in a rated game, if you are prone to making mouse-slips then you should be enabling move confirmation rather than asking for takebacks.

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