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  3. Takebacks

Whats peoples position on takebacks? i always give them but always lose the game due to them and feel people abuse them in a way, but on the contrary when its declined for a genuine error that person gets portrayed as rude

I always allow takebacks in casual games (both over the board and online), and I don't think I've ever asked for one. My settings prevent them being asked for in rated games, and I've only ever had one person complain during a match about it.

When I play over the board against a friend or family member, and they blunder something away (something that seems obvious to me), I tell them "If you can predict my next move, I'll let you take your move back".

I use takebacks occasionally when I play against stockfish, also.

I never allow takeback in real life. Its a joke. As much as it is a joke on the net. People seem to have mouse slips to often.

If I find you half-dead on the road, I will bind up your wounds, set you on my own horse, bring you to an inn, and take care of you.
But if you leave your rook en prise because of a mouse slip, I will take it swiftly with no hesitation.

@kifaru That was lovely. I think I may have that embroidered on a pillow or something.

I allow them liberally in casual games, but in rated I only allow them if my opponent very obviously made a mouseslip and asked for a takeback immediately after the move, as when they accidentally move their King one square intending to castle, or leave a piece en prise when they obviously intended to trade, and then I only allow them once per rated game. Also, I never allow them in Blitz or faster time controls. I think this is a pretty good system to be fair and sportsmanlike.

I gave a takeback in a rated game one time when my opponent left his queen hanging. I asked him to return the favor later in the same game and he refused, winning the game. Now, when I see a takeback proposition in a rated game, I laugh and play the best move.

The lesson: If somebody has the audacity to ask for a takeback in a rated game, never give it to him. The kind of person who asks to take back a move in a rated game will not do the sportsmanlike thing for other people and deserves no mercy.

Give one takeback...
and next thing you know, your mother-in-law is on the phone, begging for a place to live!

@mdinnerspace The next thing you know, the president of another country starts asking you for money. The next thing you know, you are stuck in a volcano. The next thing you know, you are in Moscow. The next thing you know, you are playing chess. The next thing you know, you got fast food. The next thing you know, you are typing in a forum on

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