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What do you guys think about this game? I clicked c7 instead of b7, so I asked for a takeback. If my opponent accepted, I would have played on, if she (assuming Natalie is a she) declined I would have resigned. However, she did neither. So I let my time run out, waiting for a response. Do you think I did the right thing?

Kinda rude to let your time run out though, for me if they don't respond to the takeback​ I assume that they declined it so I just resign, after all it's just a game.

I'd say that if the takeback isn't given within something like 10 seconds you can safely assume it's not going to happen and resign.
I personally never ask for one. And I mouseslip a lot. :-(

You let 3 minutes run out instead of resigning. I think you should be banned. (You asked)

You should be banned. Just saying encase you do not ask.
If you ask me for a take back

Why is everyone saying they should be banned? Yes, they probably should've just taken it as a decline and resigned, but they didn't know that, and it doesn't seem like they had any bad intentions.

#4 and #5- I don't agree- banning seems a little dire- it seems Area didn't know. I agree with #3- that's what I do too. I don't think Area
was trying to harm anybody- I feel it was rude for NatalieHope to not accept or decline. She (assuming Natalie's a she) probably should have accepted or declined. I agree with @Xandawesome in this one.
Lichess gave you the takebacks for a reason!


Is this some sort of bad joke???

It's like this: We see multiple threads about a single topic in close proximity to each other. After a couple of these pointless and irrelevant threads, they disappear for a while, only to be replaced by another in rotation.

A while back, there were threads about time-control issues. At present, people are complaining about "takeback" issues. This issue will die, and, at some point we'll seen another influx of time control.

Can't please everyone. But everyone gets to complain about things where they lack basic comprehension.



>> "Do you think I did the right thing?"

NO! You DID NOT do the right thing. You spent 3-minutes and 17-seconds licking your wounds, and then come to an Internet forum to cry, seeking sympathy for your own stupidity. (This is not a question that needs to be asked given your rating and period of time in which you've played the game and maintained a similar rating.)

You have an obligation to play-on. Never count on or rely upon your opponent seeing that you've requested a take-back. For that matter, a take-back is pretty poor form (especially in rated games). Letting your time run out because you did not receive a response from someone who was likely concentrating on the game and not on flags to the side of the game (i.e. could be playing in Zen mode) is not only rude, but failure to play may earn you a ban.

You get no sympathy from me.

Take your meds. Get your head checked.


MrCharles- you should get banned for that quite dumb, pointless, and irrelevant talk. Lichess gave people takebacks for a reason. Say you asked for a draw and he didn't respond. Go ahead and complain to thibault if you don't like his judgment.
You're not the ruler of the website.

Sorry if that was harsh- but MrCharles should know this by now not to complain about the tools thibault and the rest of the Lichess Developing team have provided.

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