Takeback opinions make me quit Lichess

Hello everyone

My opinion is: Everyone should accept takebacks all the time. Yes, in rated games; yes, for blunders in addition to misclicks.

If you have some serious opinion about how takebacks are not chess, or how they are not used in pro games over the board, or how they are shameful, all I can say is get over yourself.

I had been happy to play games, and resign games after blundering a queen, or ask for takeback after a boneheaded move. I have had the habit of offering a takeback after my opponent gives away a free queen. It makes for better games, and both players have a better experience. They learn more. It is a friendlier, warmer environment.

But after looking through forum threads about takebacks, I am appalled, and so motivated to deactivate my account and never come back. Y'all are some toxic people.

If you think chess should be ruthless, if you use the word battlefield unironically, go join the army.

Don't bother responding to me like I will read this; I won't, I am done with you all.

inb4 people make fun of me and prove me right

This makes sense for casual games, and I accept takebacks for casual games, but for ranked games it most of the time just isn't worth it.

Personally I see nothing wrong with take backs but I had a bad experience with them. People kept spamming them over every little mistake and would refuse to move the rest of the game. If its an honest misclick, thats fine. I'll give it to you in casual. No mare take backs for me in rated because of people spamming it constantly.

Oh and lets not forget when I asked for one they just refused it. Totally not fair and definitely uncalled for. I fixed that by not allowing take backs in rated games.

Sounds like you've had a bad experience with take backs too, but for the opposite reason. I really hope you don't run into what I have. You shouldn't quit chess just because of that though

During the Middle Ages, chess players asking for takebacks were put in the pillory for public humiliation. People would excitedly gather in the marketplace to taunt, tease and laugh at the offender on display. In addition to being jeered and mocked, the culprit might also be pelted with rotten food, mud, offal and dead animals.

I really don't care much about accepting takebacks, a couple on online numbers isnt significant to me. I do understand why people care though.

I consider a takeback request as a way to forfeit the game and start a new one from the same position.

Alternatively, it would be interesting to reward players who accept takebacks and win.

There are options to be set to reflect your stance on takebacks. Your opinion on them is yours, and not shared by everyone. I have come to accept that mouseslips are a part of online chess and live with my mistakes. I don't request nor give takebacks in rated games, makes life simpler.

As far as quitting in protest, I think it is on the extreme side, and you won't find a 100% takeback friendly online site. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

I have switched views on this topic. Initially I was for takebacks - similar to EXOprimal. But, I had two bad experiences in a row and that refined my thinking.

I play with takebacks turned off. If someone makes a mouse slip or error and asks for a takeback (through chat because the takeback option is turned off), I'll offer a draw and rematch. Otherwise, just play on.

Doesn't like the popular opinion.

Goes on rant to explain personal rational / thinking.

Explainer/Rant does not make sense.

Speaks in absolutes, then says things like: "If you have some serious opinion ... all I can say is get over yourself." (Beer came out my nose at the end of the second run-on sentence.)

Calls the majority, those holding popular opinion "toxic."


Mob looks at each other and starts a food fight having no performer to throw vegetables at.


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