Take back and draw requests

What do you do if your opponent does not respond to a draw or take back request ? Why is it that the request can sit there ignored seemingly indefinitely?

If my opponent offers draw illegally because he is having the move - so what? His clock is ticking, not my mug of beer. And takebacks are disabled.

Well, use the time given and think about the rules meanwhile.

@Sarg0n (#2)

The question was "what do you do if your opponent does not respond to a draw or take-back request?" not whatever you are replying to. They are asking what you should do if you send a request and they ignore it, and your clock ticks down.

@FordCVPI (#1)

In that case, I suggest that you just make a move if you've lost a significant amount of time (depends on the game's initial time - for example, losing a minute isn't that significant in a 60+0 classical game, but you can't say the same for 3+0 blitz).

You can do nothing. There‘s no need for a player to react to bothering requests.

Just make a move, what else?

Having the move there are three choices:

-move accompanied by a draw offer


PS: having the move (offline) and offering draw is not allowed yet it “counts“.The opponent can accept the draw offer even if you find and execute the winning move meanwhile.

During the Inquisition, asking for take back was viewed as an heretical behavior and a offense against the canon laws of chess.
Punishment was given according to Directorium Inquisitorum and included penances like wearing a cross sewn on one's clothes, confiscation of property or even burning at the stake if the culprit refused to convert to the laws of chess.

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