Tactics Vs. Endgame training

Hi all! I'm looking for some thoughts on chess training... ( I am someone who has limited time and energy to devote to training...currently I do about 2 to 3 hours a week on tactics and my tactics are between 2100 and 2200. ) Question: Would it be benificial to my game to give tactics a break and focus on End game training for a year or so? Or should I stick with tactics and maybe reach 2300/2400 level in a year or so? I currently play the Hungarian, Modern, and Pirc... and I like fighting style chess rather than the more strategic positional style of play. THANKS In Advance for all positive responses to this post.

Hi! I play chess for fun in my free time, but I have been told by more experienced players that endgames should be the first to be learned. Once you are good in endgames, you can lead middlegames to a specific endgame you are comfortable with.

I think you should train your endgames if you feel the need to. No matter how you play, you will need to learn endgames. Unless your style of play is to launch an attack in the middlegame and try as hard as you can to make it successful. Which isn't the best strategy. Though your strategy could be to do that, and if it doesn't work but you have an advantage, transition to endgame.

Your middlegame determines what your endgame result will be. Training your endgames will make you much faster when playing winning endgames, which can be helpful as in short games by the time you reach endgame time is already running low. It'll also help you deal with tough positions and hopefully draw or even win.

Wait, I see that you can give 2-3 hours a week on tactics. How about you split it up? 60-90 minutes of both, depending on how much time time you can gather up for training.

I was told many things from experienced trainers that are now frowned upon. Studying tactics is of little help. Studying endgames is more helpful but useless if you never reach the endgame. At your level and according to your playing style, you should continue to study tactics. It's much better if you would study the tactical position that are a result of your openings. Even better is to study your own games--I bet there's a tactical mistake in over 90% of them.

They used to say: "Study the endgame first, then the middlegame and only then the opening"
I don´t believe that, though.

Study the basic endgames and the basics of your openings. The rest of your training should consist of analyzing your own games. You can study mastergames as well if you like to.

i personally don't see that much of a reason to learn endgames. I understand the reason and such for it, but you should at any given time, (in long games) be able to analyse and find the best moves (or atleast try.) You could try and do a mixture of both

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